This is an MPV, so we will reward you with VIZ crypto-assets for any sensible suggestions, bug finding and other improvements to the service.

The service came about because we think... Web 3.0 makes it possible for participants to interact remotely. It doesn't matter how far apart they are. No matter how far apart they are, whether they are in the same city, country or continent. You could say that Web3 is shrinking space. However, time is a little different. Yes, all mutual activities take place at the same time for the participants. But, due to the fact that we live on a planet that revolves around the sun, astronomical time is different in many places on the planet. This has had serious, and sometimes anecdotal, consequences before the Web 3.0. This service is an attempt to solve the problem with such different earth times. So that not only the distance does not matter when web3 participants interact, but also the time zones.